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VMware Webcast: From Admin to Architect: Placing your Career in the Cloud

VMware Webcast: From Admin to Architect: Placing your Career in the Cloud

Topic: Join 13 year VMware veteran Irish Spring as he guides you through the steps to accelerate your career from a VIadmin to a Cloud architect. More than just taking the right certifications; Irish will explore how to advance yourself to a trusted advisor levels within your own organization. Irish will guide you to thinking like a technological trend setter and show you the business logic behind the scenes that will open your mind to new approaches to advancing your career.

Irish Spring, Senior Systems Engineering Manager, VMware
Irish Spring began his career designing and implementing weapons control systems for the Department of Defense and creating E-commerce architectures in the telecommunications industry. In his 12 years at VMware, he has virtualized thousands of businesses and organizations. From large companies like Walmart and Koch Industries, to the public sector including 5 US states, and Universities like the University of Nebraska, he has mobilized a cloud computing platform to increase IT efficiency and find solutions for his clients to respond to market dynamics faster than ever. A celebrated member of the VMware team, he has received nine engineering awards for his accomplishments and currently manages the Network and Security Business Unit Systems Engineers for the Commercial Segment of the US and Canada.




Tuesday, August 21, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CT)

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NVIDIA Webcast: Sneak Peek at NVIDIA's Innovations at VMworld 2018

NVIDIA Webcast: Sneak Peek at NVIDIA's Innovations at VMworld 2018

Topic: The data center is changing. Users are needing to tackle larger data sets, collaborate securely across global teams, on any device. Learn about the latest innovations NVIDIA is showcasing at VMworld that enable you to support the your most demanding users, while maximizing investment. Join us as NVIDIA’s solution architect, Konstantin Cvetanov, will talk about the key learnings from many successful large scale customer deployments. This special session will leave you with tips and tools you can use today to start deploying these innovations in your environment today.

• See how you can deliver with AI-accelerated apps on a virtual workstation
• Give your users the Windows 10 VDI experience they deserve
• Maximize ROI by utilizing the same infrastructure you run VDI to run HPC and compute workloads after hours

All live attendees who opt-in to share their information with the Sponsor will be entered a drawing to win an NVIDIA® SHIELD™ TV Media Player. Please see Terms and Conditions here: goo.gl/DBC7VS

Konstantin Cvetanov, Sr. Solution Architect, NVIDIA Corporation


Wednesday, August 22, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CT)

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Akasia Cloud: Migrating to the Cloud? How to Map to Most Optimal Cloud Resources from a Cost, Performance & Security Standpoint

Akasia Cloud: Migrating to the Cloud? How to Map to Most Optimal Cloud Resources from a Cost, Performance & Security Standpoint

Topic: Every enterprise is planning on migrating to the cloud but the complexity of choosing the most suited and optimal cloud resources often delays their cloud deployments. Cloud planning SaaS applications from Akasia answer these crucial questions in hours to expedite cloud migration decisions:

1. What applications, VMs and physical machines do I have on-premise (Discovery)
2. Which cloud platform - AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud or VMC offers the most cost effective resources if I migrate my on-premise environment to the cloud (Cloud Costs Comparison)
3. Which of the thousands of resources in the cloud are the most equivalent to the on-premise resources (Cloud Mapping)
4. How much idle capacity do I have on-premise and what will cloud costs be if I only migrate resources that I am actively using (Right-Sizing to the Cloud)
5. What are my performance and security setting on-premise and what do I need to order or configure in the cloud to have equivalent performance and security (Cloud Planning)
6. During the cloud planning exercise can I tweak the cloud templates, geos, performance and security metrics to model various options (What-if analysis)

Attend this webinar to learn how companies such as IBM, Cognizant, Chevron, MoneyMart, Apache, PaperClip and many others use Akasia's SaaS applications to confidently plan for cloud migrations. See how Akasia discovers the on-premise environment and maps to the most optimal cloud resources (after parsing through hundreds of thousands of cloud options). Akasia's output clearly shows you the on-premise resources and their costs and the equivalent (and right-sized) resources in AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud and VMC as well as their costs.

Garima Thockchom, Founder, Akasia Cloud
Garima Thockchom is a high-tech engineering and marketing veteran with over 20 years of experience at Sun Microsystems, VMware and Gale Technologies before she founded Akasia Cloud. She passionate about entrepreneurship and also advises startups and executives in the enterprise space.
Prior to Akasia she was VP Marketing at Gale Technologies, a startup that she repositioned as a leading provider of infrastructure automation and cloud solutions. Gale was acquired by Dell in 2012.
Garima headed Partner Solutions Marketing at VMware and responsible for overseeing VMware's partner solutions in the networking, management, high availability and security technology areas. At VMware Garima was instrumental in delivering key solutions with Cisco, HP Software, CA, Symantec, McAfee and 300+ technology partners of VMware.
Prior to joining VMware, Garima was the Group Manager of Product Management for Sun Cluster and N1 product lines at Sun Microsystems where she oversaw a 100% growth of the business by expanding the feature set of the 9+ products and by tapping into additional markets.
Garima holds a B.S. and M.S. in electronics and computer engineering from Bangalore University, India. She brings with her a unique combination of long term strategic vision combined with focused execution, along with a wide network of strong connections.

Thursday, August 23, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CT)


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Western Digital Webcast: VMware, Storage, Flash and NVMe! (EMEA Webcast)

Western Digital Webcast: VMware, Storage, Flash and NVMe!

Topic: The storage market has transformed in recent years, with the standalone storage array being attacked from all sides by ambitious rivals vying for customer attention in a world demanding more and more from beleaguered IT departments. Today, storage comes in many shapes and sizes – flash, hybrid, NVMe, cloud, and more.

With so many solutions in this burgeoning space, and more jumping in every day, IT organizations are overwhelmed with storage options. Do you truly understand what each of them brings to the table and how they differ? If you’d like to learn more about the most innovative storage solutions available today and how this impacts your VMware strategy, architecture and implementation – this webinar is for you!

In Western Digital VMware, Storage, Flash, and NVMe Storage webinar you’ll gain a deep understanding of these technologies, what makes each solution unique, and how they can transform your virtualization and storage infrastructure!

Don’t miss this special webinar event hosted by Paul Haddow – Systems Engineering Director and Naresh Chouhan – Marketing Director, EMEA - Western Digital.

Paul Haddow, Systems Engineer Director, Western Digital EMEA
Naresh Chouhan, Marketing Director, EMEA - Western Digital

Tuesday, September 4, 2018
13:00 - 14:00 (CET)


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VMware Webcast: A technical Overview of What’s New in VMware vSAN

VMware Webcast: A technical Overview of What’s New in VMware vSAN

Topic: The rapid pace of innovation with VMware vSAN is just one of the driving forces behind it being the market leader in HCI, and the easiest path to managing hybrid cloud environments. This session will provide a technical overview of new features and enhancements in vSAN 6.7. Learn about the new features and functionality that simplifies operations, improves the efficiency of the data center, and drives rapid support resolution. These improvements help data center administrators spend less time managing the infrastructure, and more time focused on the delivering applications quickly, and efficiently to their organization.

John Nicholson, Senior Technical Marketing Architect, VMware

John Nicholson is a Senior Technical Marketing Architect in the Storage and Availability Business Unit.He focuses on delivering technical guidance around VMware Virtual SAN solutions. John previously worked for partners and customers in architecting and implementing enterprise storage and VDI solutions and is a member of the vExpert program.


Tuesday, September 11, 2018
12:00 - 1:00 (CT)

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Cisco Webcast: Cisco HyperConverged Infrastructure for the Multicloud Era

Cisco Webcast: Cisco HyperConverged Infrastructure for the Multicloud Era

Topic: Please join us to explore Cisco's current Hyper-Converged infrastructure session; including Cisco’s HyperFlex System and UCS vSAN ReadyNodes. IT customers face a formidable challenge – delivering a seamless experience to developers and application owners who demand the best of both worlds between on-prem and public cloud. The multicloud era is a hard reality for IT, and this is where our HyperFlex and vSAN ReadyNode customers stand to gain the most from the work Cisco has undertaken. We like to say that the finest cloud computing starts at home. So, as we integrate HyperFlex and vSAN ReadyNodes with Cisco’s Multicloud Portfolio, we’re moving well beyond Hyper-Convergence to create the most comprehensive multicloud platform in the industry. Our aim is nothing less than to help our customers power any app, on any cloud, at any scale..

Mike Brennan, Product Manager, Virtual Client Computing and Graphics Solution, Cisco


Wednesday, September 12, 2018
12:00 - 1:00 (CT)

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Professional Development Webcast: Road to VMware TAM

Professional Development Webcast: Road to VMware TAM

Topic: Join this webcast as VMUG Contributor, Keith Townsend, leads a career-based discussion with VMware TAM/EUC TAS’s Pamela Norris and Shawn Devenney about the road to VMware Technical Account Manager (TAM) and Technical Account Specialist (TAS). The team will answer the basic questions like: - What is a VMware TAM? - What is a VMware TAS? - What are the opportunities specific to EUC? - How do you become a TAM/TAS? This career-related discussion will benefit those looking to advance their career focus beyond the details of the technology and into the business value of EUC.

Keith Townsend, Principal CTO Advisor, The CTO Advisor

Shawn Devenney, Technical Account Manager, VMware
Pamela Norris,Technical Account Manager, VMware


Monday, September 17, 2018
12:00 - 1:00 (CT)

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